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For the love of Mango+Mint Leaves

20170629_005427In my quest to have a skinny body and lesser weight, I have been on a diet since my dog crossed the rainbow bridge last month. It all started that I was grieving and I lost my appetite almost completely (I was crying nonstop as I grieve and I guess depression kills my desire to eat). The only time I eat would be because I was (forced) to eat with someone so I have no choice but to order food for myself out of politeness. And honestly speaking, I would be extremely grateful to find a ‘meal buddy’ to keep myself occupied. It is not easy to find friends that’s genuinely interested in accompanying me (during my grieving period). Oh god, no, don’t get me wrong, I am not anti-social. I am just  a guarded gal who doesn’t share much of my private life with many people. So yup, I am almost a loner in almost everything I do.

Anyway, as I wasn’t really in the mood or appetite for solid food, strangely enough I was drawn towards fruits based diet and liquid diet as well. I guess it doesn’t require much chewing? Maybe I was too lazy to chew? And it is a good excuse to be on diet? (somehow i have a  feeling my sub conscious mind was playing some sort of trick and kinda encourages me to have liquid diet!).

Coincidentally, the price of mangoes were relatively cheap and it prompted me to buy a few kilograms (yeah, too tempting! >.<) of the fruit. A cup of mangoes is equivalent to 100 calories and the best part is it helps to quash my cravings for sugary food. I also found out that mango is actually the national fruit of India (surprise!) Mango is also known as king of fruit and in India mango symbolizes love (seriously?). But yes, mango is one of my favourite fruit and I can practically eat it daily without getting tired of it 😀

And of late, I was hooked to mint leaves (yes, you read it correctly). It all started with the couple-yoga class which I attended weeks ago and the yoga instructor provided us with some complimentary health juice and she was blending the mint leaves into the health drinks and I was like, oh gosh, this taste soooooooooooo good! And since then I tried to blend mint leaves into the smoothies that I been taking daily. Mint is rich in Vitamin A and C.  In fact, the Romans believe eating mint will increase their intelligence (oh man, i should have taken a bucketful of mint during my montessori studies 3 years back lol, grrrrr!) Furthermore, it was believed that the scent of mint is able to stop a person from losing his or her temper! (damnit I should have shove the mint into the nostril of anyone who’s about to lose their temper or throw tantrum at me, haha)

Oh well, after writing all these, am gonna go to the kitchen to blend some mango+mint smoothies! Anyone up for a glass of mango smoothies? Hurry and text me before I finished them all, lol.