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Working Out nonstop

IMG_20170629_111537_064.jpgOf late, I been working out (vigorously) daily at the gym. I guess I am sorta hook to the feeling of sweating as I workout. Plus it kept my mind off things that I am unable to sort out for the time being.

Spending time in gym is also good for me to stay away from home and use my (leisure) time effectively. I guess I can’t always depend on my friends to hangout with me and they probably got tired of me and was eager to get rid of me lol. Hence, I am practically spending all my spare time in the gym.

And I am pretty happy with the results as my abs, my thighs and my arms are toning up nicely. The best part is losing weight as I am not eating much and I am mostly on fruit diet or vegetarian diet.

And i am adding belly dancing, zumba and yoga to the list so yup, this is how I keep myself occupied instead of bothering my friends. And you are welcome, I am glad to get rid of myself for you guys :D.

I hope to lose another 10 kilograms (22 pounds by end of July) before my Bangkok trip, because I have a hunch that I am gonna gain weight during my trip there. But I am planning to walk a lot (trust me, by a lot I am referring for hours 😉 ) as I want to visit the museums, temples and places of interest on my own as my family members have different interest fro mine. Anyone from Bangkok who like to volunteer to be my tour guide?