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Unspoken words

Being an outspoken person since I was a kid, I really get annoyed or impatient when someone kept silent about their thoughts or feelings. To me, spoken words are better than unspoken words. Because unspoken words will eat into you. Unspoken words creates struggling and it eventually develops into negative thoughts or feelings towards both party – one who wants to hear it all while the other kept suppressing them.

Unspoken words hurts.  When feelings and emotion are not shared, it creates tension and leads to non-communication. And it also hides the actual personality and characteristic of the person. Honestly I love dealing with a direct person than someone who kept all the feelings and emotions bottled up. It kills me trying to figure out what the other party actually wanted.

I figure unspoken words could mean either the person doesn’t want to hurt others or they want to hide their feelings. IMHO it’s unhealthy in any relationship. And it may be a costly lesson as you might jeopardized the relationship in the long run.