Relationship is difficult for me. Not that I don’t love, but I seem to be hard to love. My past relationship.. my exes makes me seem like a very unloved person as they fell out of love with me citing it is because I love too much? Or simply because they think they deserve better ones.. in other words I am not good enough for them. Apparently I could be someone they are ashamed of to be associated with. These are the people that I once love and treated them with lots of care and attention. Perhaps they were lonely and so happen I was there so they dated me out of convenience. Or there is something that they need from me that’s why they were with me and once they achieved what they wanted from me.. of course.. they can’t wait to get rid of me as soon as they can.

This has been way I was treated, always being blamed when things go wrong. So much so I am find it hard for me to love myself too. So much damaged has been done to me during the course of the relationship especially when they love you not enough or they are purely selfish.. I tried. . I fucking tried in every relationship. . Unfortunately I was told I was never good enough


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